Well, I am going to be completely frank here, I was not expecting the body suit to make the strong comeback that it has. I remember the good the bad and the ugly when it came to these in the late eighties, and early nineties. Because of that I was just going to politely watch […]

It never fails, each and every season of every year for the last decade we have noted that one thing never fails to make headlines in the fashion world. Whether it be a whole photo layout, or a small snippet in a magazine, you can rely on the fact that the crisp white button down […]

Well ladies, if you were looking to simplify your makeup, you are going to love this. Things are shifting from mile high coats of lipgloss, layers of lip liner, and the ever popular application of lipstick involving a blot in between. Wave bye bye to time absorbing tactics to make the mouth full, full, and […]

Of all the things I enjoy about being a woman in this Internet obsessed world, there is of course one thing I hold above all the others. No, it is not that I can read the news of the world in a flash, or that I can keep up on celebrity gossip as I please, […]

The mere thought of adding highlights to our hair can send a tingle through us, because the outcome can be super. But, after that initial taste of adding our first set of highlights, then comes the second which automatically means we have double the colour, and damage. Then invariably, to brighten things up as spring […]

Though we can all recognize truly beautiful makeup when we see it on a the cover of a magazine, many of us are not entirely sure how the look was put together (apart from knowing it was done by some professional makeup artist). Take for example a smokey eye look with a pouty understated mouth. […]

Summertime is the best part of the year to let loose with your creative side, and have some fun with your appearance. Whether you are really brave, or just willing to test the waters with some small stuff then nail polish is a grand place to go crazy. This season, dive into the blues to […]

The company Lancel has been around for over a century, but continues to up its game decade after decade.  While many who follow fashion, and even live for it might not be familiar with the brand, their lack of familiarity is in no way a reflection upon the quality handbags that Lancel produces. Whether you […]

Vivienne Westwood has come out with a handbag that really floats our boat. While our heads are easily turned when it comes to accessories, especially delicious bags, this one also pulls at our heart strings. It comes from Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa Project, and is made of recycle materials by women in Nairobi. No way […]

With all that we have on our to do list each and everyday what we need most in makeup is longevity. The make up industry is aware of this, and has for many years now been offering us longwearing lipstick. But now they are finally producing eyeshadows, foundation and concealers that can go the distance […]